Important news for all PBSA and Residential buildings developers across the UK.

The Building Safety Regulator has opened the registration process for high-rise residential buildings in England. From 12th April 2023 it is a legal requirement under the Building Safety Act 2022 for all high-rise residential buildings 18 metres tall or higher, or at least 7 storeys tall, with two or more residential units to be registered with the Building Safety Regulator. 

All existing residential properties of 18m or higher (at least 7 storeys) must be registered by 1st October 2023, and it is worth noting that it is the responsibility of the principle accountable person, or a person authorised by them to complete the registration process.

Further information regarding the registration process or roles and responsibilities under the Building Safety Act use the links below.

The registration service is now open and the fee to register each building is £251.

Register a high-rise residential building


Guidance on how to apply to register can be found here:


More information on the roles of Accountable persons and Principal Accountable Persons can be found here: