The build-up of deposits in fuel systems, in particular, the vaporiser units of LPG powered vehicles has led to a number of fires.

The HSE is now stipulating that operators should:

  • review your safe system of work in relation to the use of all LPG powered lift trucks and similar vehicles
  • provide information, instruction and training for all operators about the hazards raised in the alert
  • park LPG vehicles in well ventilated areas free from flammable material, particularly when parking overnight or for longer periods

In addition, following their findings, it is extremely important that you ensure the following:

If a truck does not start within the normal few seconds

  • do NOT continue to turn (crank) the engine over using the starter
  • do NOT repeat the normal engine starting procedure
  • do NOT spray volatile agents into the air intake in an attempt to aid starting
  • get off the truck and close the shut off valve to isolate the gas bottle
  • secure the truck to prevent further starting attempts
  • ensure the area is well ventilated
  • do NOT attempt to solve or repair the problem yourself, arrange for a competent maintenance engineer to do a check of the LPG system

The full brief can be found here:

This guidance should be followed and operators should be careful to ensure they’re not caught out by incidents caused by neglecting the above HSE Bulletin.

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