DSEAR Assessment

We will help you control the risks to safety from fire, explosions and substances corrosive to metals in compliance with DSEAR 2002.


The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) require employers to control the risks to safety from fire, explosions and substances corrosive to metals.


What is DSEAR?

Dangerous substances are those used or present in the workplace that may cause harm to people as a result of fire, explosion or corrosion of metal.

They include solvents, paints, varnishes, flammable and pressurised gases, dusts and substances corrosive to metals.

If you think you have dangerous substances in your workplace you must carry out a risk assessment and put control measures in place to remove the risks, or control them.

Our DSEAR Assessment services

Safety Concepts Ltd is experienced in working in explosive atmospheres and carrying out DSEAR assessments. We can advise you on control measures to remove risks from dangerous substances or controlling them where this is not possible.

Emergency procedures and drills are paramount when working with dangerous substances or explosive atmospheres. We can help you implement these procedures and provide training on them.


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    Are COSHH and DSEAR the same?

    No. COSHH deals with substances which may be hazardous to the health of your employees, causing illness. DSEAR applies to those substances which have dangerous physical properties and may cause harm through initiating fire or explosion.

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    How do I know which substances are dangerous?

    The packaging of all substances is bound by legislation to bear warning symbols if they are flammable, explosive or corrosive to metals. Similarly, the manufacturer’s safety data sheet will give you this information.

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