We offer occupational health and safety services such as DSE assessment, manual handling, lone working, and more.

Office & Travel Administration Safety

Health and safety regulations apply to all places of work, even if your business is mainly office based.

Office heath and safety regulation

You have a duty under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (DSER) to ensure that any employees who regularly use computers for a significant part of their normal work are subject to DSE assessment. This ensures that their work station is suitable and poses as low a risk as practicable in terms of repetitive strain injury or eye strain, for example. 

Our Office & Travel Administration Safety services 

We can assist you in carrying out DSE assessments and make recommendations for adjustments to equipment if necessary (for example office chairs, desks and computer equipment).

Manual handling may be an issue in your offices and this must be addressed to ensure employees do not sustain injury or long-term effects from lifting or moving heavy items.

Other issues that office-based businesses may have to consider are lone working and working from home arrangements, and procedures for those who travel regularly, either using their own or company vehicles, or who travel abroad. 

Safety Concepts Ltd has a broad range of experience in health and safety procedures for office working and can help you implement the appropriate system. 

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Health and Safety Training

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