Public Events Management

Using our extensive experience in health and safety for public events we will ensure that your event happens safely and in line with the regulations.


Safety Concepts Ltd has extensive experience in health and safety for public events. We will ensure that your event happens safely and in line with regulation in a way that does not impact adversely on your event activities.


Event management health and safety services:

We can manage any event, large or small. Our expertise in many subject areas including food safety, electrical safety, fire safety and exhibitor management allows us to cover anything your event may require.

A blend of expertise and flexibility is the key to what makes Safety Concepts so successful in this area. We know that you may need specialist knowledge and extra resources for a particular stage of planning; advice and guidance on one area of your event; or a group of people to help manage the whole show from start to finish: and that’s what we offer. You can take an onsite safety officer for a day or two, or call in the whole team and all its resources and networks of expertise year on year.

We never forget whose show it is or who we work for: our job is to assist you and bringing the Safety Concepts’ team onside means all our expertise is at your disposal in a way which we hope will mean that you will see us as an extension of your team. In essence, our aim is to equip you better to deliver safe and successful events.

With safety, we will add the common sense and pragmatism back into event safety and we work for you, not against you, ensuring that you know where you stand, what your responsibilities and risks are, every step of the way.

In procurement, we will help you gain better control and grasp on your event from design to delivery, and help you to build a really sound supplier network and credit record of your own whilst also giving you a completely open book approach on budgeting.


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    Why do I need to worry about health and safety for my event?

    An event organiser has a duty to ensure that workers, volunteers and the visiting public are not exposed to anything that may adversely affect their health or safety. You can do this by planning, managing and monitoring the event effectively.

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    The people working at my event are volunteers. Do I have a legal duty toward them?

    You have a duty of care to anyone who may be affected by your actions and volunteers certainly come into this category.

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